How to Launch Audience Extension Advertising

With audience extension advertising you buy digital ad inventory from programmatic partners, remarket to your audience as they visit select websites, and then resell that inventory through your own ad system.

Some publishers already resell programmatic display advertising through 3rd party networks in order to supplement their owned media. However, this can create problems:

  • There’s a different sales process for programmatic ads that can be complicated.
  • You use a different system to place the ads instead of your website ad server.
  • Reporting comes from a different system instead of your own ad server.
  • It’s difficult to combine owned and programmatic inventory into a single campaign.
  • There is no unique selling proposition as anyone can buy programmatic display advertising.
  • Sellers can get enamored with programmatic at the expense of your owned media.

Audience extension advertising is a way for publishers to take advantage of programmatic display advertising, but overcome all of these problems. You can buy millions of high quality ad impressions at a low price, and traffick / report on them through your own ad system.

In this session, you’ll learn how to launch audience extension advertising for your publication, how it works with your ad system, and some companies that you can work with to implement it.

Programmatic Partners

Ad Systems

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