Digital Media Audit

Is your website, email, social media, and content distribution infrastructure optimized to grow your audience and revenue?

Find out with a digital media audit. 

Working with hundreds of media companies, I’ve developed a checklist of over 300 items to ensure your digital infrastructure is functioning properly and using best practices.

The audit takes 4-6 weeks and can be done remotely. When complete, we’ll meet via Zoom, discuss the results together, and you’ll receive a full PDF audit report.

Contact me to learn more about an audit for your publication.

Digital Audit
Eric's audit of our digital platform represents the best investment we have made in years. His in-depth analysis of our website, app, SEO, social media, email, and content distribution produced about 150 action items that, when complete, will leave us light years ahead of where we were.
Chris Wood
Chris Wood
Editor & Publisher, BizWest Media

What's Included


  • Website Technical SEO – Security, core web vitals, site / article schema, Google / Bing submission, indexing issues, robots.txt, ads.txt.
  • Website Content SEO – Spot check of multiple articles to check for proper search optimization (headlines, URLs, content, images).
  • Website Tagging – Proper implementation of Google Tag Manager (or other tag management), Google Analytics, Meta pixel, other tags.
  • Website Design – Recommendations for header / footer, home page, post, sponsored content, category, and author templates.
  • Website Mobile Optimization – Check home page, post, category and author templates for mobile optimization.
  • Website Legal Compliance – Privacy policy, terms of use, cookie notification (basic audit, not a full legal analysis).
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages – If applicable, check for AMP validation, ad delivery, Google Analytics and design.

Advertising / Subscription

  • Advertising Recommendations – Basic recommendations for website advertising improvements (not a full ad revenue optimization audit).
  • Subscription Recommendations – Basic recommendations for website paywall / regwall, subscription promotion, and sub pages.


  • Email Reputation – SPF/DKIM authentication, DMARC status, Google domain / IP reputation, blacklists, inbox deliverability test.
  • Email Signup – On-page signup forms, modal form, lead magnet campaign, other email signup initiatives.
  • Email Signup Automation – Review automated email signup welcome series if applicable.
  • Email Engagement / List Hygiene – Review email subscriber engagement / list hygiene automations or procedures.
  • Email Newsletter Design – Newsletter frequency, list / opt-out structure, overall design, mobile optimization, rendering test.
  • Sponsored Email Design – Review sponsored email design if applicable.

Content Distribution

  • RSS Feed – Check for best practices with RSS feeds.
  • Google Publisher Center – Organization setup, publication setup, content feed including images, promotion of GPC.
  • Google News Showcase – If applicable, analyze implementation of Google News Showcase.
  • Apple News – If applicable, organization setup, channel setup, WordPress integration, template analysis, analytics.
  • SmartNews / NewsBreak – Check for indexing and/or implementation of distribution through SmartNews and NewsBreak.
  • Web Notifications – Website push notification through systems such as OneSignal or others.

Social Media

  • Meta Business Manager –  Business info, Facebook/Instagram integration, brand safety, data sources, ad account, news page registration.
  • Social Media Accounts – Branding, posting, engagement, traffic of Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, and YouTube as applicable.
  • Ad Accounts – Check account setup and remarketing audiences for Meta, LinkedIn, and other social ad accounts as applicable.


  • The audit can include other elements such iOS / Android app, podcast, Google Ad account, and others as desired.