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Each week, we post a blog / podcast episode to help media companies grow their audiences, drive revenue, and improve their technology. Topics include advertising, programmatic, SEO, social media, email, subscriptions, analytics, content distribution, and much more. No matter what kind of market you serve, each session has something that you can immediately apply to your business.

How to Sell Cobranded Social Media Advertising

Cobranded social media ads are a strong, 6-digit revenue stream that most publishers haven’t tapped into yet. It’s not difficult to implement and you only need a few social media followers to do it.

Your Email Newsletter Open Rates Have NOT Gone Up

Omeda’s latest email engagement report shows that email open rates have doubled in the last 9 months. But don’t get excited … this chart doesn’t tell the whole story. Open rates have not gone up and here’s why.

Why Email Isn’t Good Enough for Publishers Anymore

As publishers look for answers to declining digital media sales, the answer is sometimes not found in what they are selling but how they are going about selling it. During this session we talk about some of the most common mistakes publishers make in their approach to selling digital media.

Fix My Website: Los Angeles Magazine

Watch as we take an in-depth analysis – on-the-fly – at the website of Los Angeles Magazine, a consumer city magazine. We’ll identify what they’re doing well and what they could improve upon.

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