Building a Digital Media Business Powerhouse

Welcome to the first High Value Publishing Q&A session.

The goal of these weekly sessions is to help magazine publishers and media companies grow their audiences, drive revenue, and improve their digital platforms.

We’ll cover revenue, audience and technology tactics including advertising, programmatic, SEO, social media, email, controlled and paid subscriptions, ecommerce, analytics, content distribution, and much more.

Whether you publish an enthusiast / hobby magazine, a B2B trade magazine / association journal, a regional consumer / business magazine, or a local newspaper, each session will have something that you can immediately apply to your business.

In today’s session, we’re going to review the digital revenue pipeline and talk about your brand, content, technology, audience development, and monetization strategies. Think of this truly as a pipeline or hose. Any one of these areas could potentially constrict your ability to grow your business online and become a digital media business powerhouse.

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