Don’t Give Your Content Away for Free: Check Your RSS Feed

Believe it or not, RSS feeds are still important for publishers. In fact, it’s the primary way that news aggregators like Google News and others are notified about new content on your website.

But if you don’t manage them well, you can hurt your publication.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication (or RTF Site Summary if you’re really geeky). It’s a way for your website to tell other services about new content on your site as you publish it, and to give them access to that content.

Unfortunately, most publishers haven’t looked at the RSS feed on their website. And many publishers push the entire content of their articles out through their RSS feed leaving it unprotected and open for use by anyone.

This session shows you how to find the RSS feed on your website, how to see if you’re pushing out your entire content via the feed, what the dangers are, and how to fix it.

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