Stay Competitive: Move from Print-First to Digital-First Publishing

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Despite wanting to be digital-first, most publishers are still stuck in a print-first publishing model. Our editorial calendars and workflows revolve around print production cycles. We may talk a good digital game, but if we take an honest look at ourselves, our web, email, social and other channels are too often afterthoughts or subservient to the print product.

For most publishers, print is the hub and everything else is a spoke.

But when I consult with media companies, I have one sure way to know if they have embraced digital and become a true multimedia company. They publish digital-first. Their website is the hub and print is a spoke.

For multimedia publishers like these, editorial calendars and production processes focus on delivering a steady stream of content to their website. They immediately push it out via other digital channels. They then compile the best digital content to create their print issues.

In today’s High Value Publishing session, I go over:

  • How print-first publishing hurts your business and puts you at a competitive disadvantage.
  • How to move to a digital-first publishing model.
  • How content should flow from your website to social, content distribution, apps, website notification, email and eventually to your print product.
  • Common objections I hear from publishers and editors about moving to digital-first publishing.

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