Fix Your Email Subject and Preheader Text

Email newsletter subject lines and preheader text play a pivotal role in increasing newsletter open rates and, in turn, ad impressions, website traffic, and overall engagement with your audience.

Despite this, many publishers fail to utilize the subject line and preheader text effectively. Common mistakes include overly long subject lines, irrelevant or missing preheader text, and the inclusion of unnecessary elements such as ‘view in browser’ links.

In this High Value Publishing Session, Eric Shanfelt shows you how to improve your email newsletter subject lines and preheader text, thus improving overall email performance. Tactics include using the brand name in the ‘from’ field, keeping subject lines concise, relevant and intriguing, and utilizing the preheader text to either expand on the subject line or highlight additional content contained within the email.

By making some simple adjustments, and by testing subject lines and preheader text on different devices and platforms, publishers can significantly enhance the value of their newsletters to advertisers, subscribers, and for their own business objectives.

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