The Right Way for Publishers to Set Up Facebook Business Manager

In this High Value Publishing session, we’ll go over the right way for publishers to set up Facebook Business Manager and how it relates to the new Meta Business Suite.

To be honest, most publishers haven’t set up Facebook Business Manager properly and it’s hurting their business. And some publishers don’t even have a business manager account.

In this session you’ll learn

  • Why you should still use Facebook Business Manager instead of Meta Business Suite.
  • How to switch between business manager and business suite.
  • How to manage users and why you should enforce 2-factor authentication.
  • Why you should check user and partner permissions regularly.
  • How to consolidate all of your Facebook pages into a single Business Manager account.
  • How to integrate all of your Instagram accounts into Facebook Business Manager.
  • Why most publishers only need one ad account … and when you should have more than one.
  • How to manage tracking pixels and make sure it doesn’t slow down your website.
  • Why and how to verify your website domain(s).
  • Why it’s important to verify your legal business details and how to do it.
  • How to register as a Facebook News Page and the benefits of doing it.

Websites mentioned in this session

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