Is Google a Publisher Friend or Enemy #1?

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Is Google good or bad for publishers? A Department of Justice antitrust lawsuit against Google is bringing this question to the forefront.

In this High Value Publishing session, Eric Shanfelt and his guest, Kenny Katzgru of Broadstreet Ads, delve into the implications of the lawsuit and how publishers should best interact with Google. The conversation stems from a recent subpoena request by Google and the Department of Justice concerning ad tech, triggering reflections on Google’s position as either a friend or foe to publishers.

Google has a growing presence in the publishing industry not only through technologies like Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, but through initiatives like Google News Initiative (GNI) and the funding it provides to publishers.

Despite some positives, publishers should be wary. There are inherent conflicts of interest as Google is a major industry competitor while simultaneously playing a significant role in education and support for publishers. The ongoing federal antitrust case against Google highlights this complicated relationship.

The discussion emphasizes that publishers need to evaluate their reliance on Google’s services and take Google’s recommendations with a grain of salt. Publishers must differentiate themselves by offering unique products and partnerships that Google’s platforms can’t replicate. Publishers also need to approach Google’s advice with caution realizing that Google is looking out for its own best interests.

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