Q&A with Industry Dive CEO, Sean Griffey

In just a few short years, Sean Griffey and his team at Industry Dive have built an impressive B2B media company. But even if you’re not in B2B, there is a lot that ANY media company can learn from their approach and success.

As a digital media company built from scratch, Industry Dive currently serves 23 industries with 53 email newsletters. They have over 2.5 million email subscribers and last year did over $100 million in revenue at a 30% EBITDA margin.

During this session, Sean and I talk about:

  • How Industry Dive got started.
  • How email is the key to their success.
  • How they built an email database of 2.5 million active B2B email subscribers.
  • How websites fit into the strategy and thoughts on the longevity of email.
  • How Industry Dive chooses their business model and industries.
  • Why they acquired a content studio as part of their business.
  • What’s next for Industry Dive and B2B media in general?

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