Improve Your Sponsored Emails with This Simple Template

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Sponsored emails are a big revenue generator for publishers. But the creative advertisers send us are usually horrible.

From single big images, to ultra complex HTML emails, advertisers and agencies often send creatives that:

  • Don’t work on mobile devices.
  • Aren’t compatible with popular email clients.
  • Don’t solicit the kind of response that they should.

In this High Value Publishing session, I’ll show you a simple sponsored email template you can quickly implement to solve all of these problems.

Not only will it make your life easier, but it will make your advertisers more successful and encourage them to spend more money with you.

You’ll learn

  • Why single image sponsored emails are bad for users, advertisers, and get flagged as spam.
  • How complex HTML sponsored emails often don’t work as well as desired.
  • A simple template that works great for readers, is simple for your operations team, drives more response for advertisers, and drives more revenue for you.

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