Why Your Magazine Subscription Form Sucks and How to Fix It

As publishers, all of us want more subscribers while cutting the cost of subscriber acquisition. But our own subscription forms are often our biggest problem!

During this session we talk about the 7 biggest mistakes publishers make with their subscription forms. We then look at subscription forms from multiple publications to show you these mistakes and how to fix them.

Whether you have a paid or controlled / free subscription model, this is a session you don’t want to miss.

Subscription Form Mistakes

  • Order forms with no sales copy / benefits.
  • Too many screens to place a subscription order.
  • Too many subscription options / offers.
  • Showing a field for promo / coupon codes.
  • Distractions on subscription forms (navigation, content, advertising, popups).
  • Missing Google Analytics and remarketing tracking and conversion tags.
  • Poor mobile friendly design and missing mobile payment options.

Links Mentioned in This Session

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